We design custom business forms to meet your specific needs in MS Word, Excel, PDF & HTML formats. We create business form with rich features - drop down boxes, combo boxes, calculated fields, validated fields to prevent invalid entries, mail button, custom print button, digital signature options et al. We help in creating protected printable business forms which are fillable & saveable; filled form data can be integrated with databases,

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Custom Business Forms

We create custom business forms with your logo, tagline, corporate colors & custom lay-outs to meet your specific requirements. Our team has experience in diverse functions & business domains and understand your business needs and the information requirements to design the forms quickly & efficiently without constantly contacting you for additional information.

We design and create business forms in different formats - printable (forms to be printed and filled by hand), electronic (forms fillable on a computer), web forms (filled and submitted online with a browser) with rich, interactive and user friendly features such as input validations, date picker, list boxes, combo boxes, automatic calculations, input based enabling/disabling of other fields and digital signatures.

We have experience in creating user-friendly custom business forms with rich features in Word, Excel, PDF and HTML.

  • Protected MS Word forms with form fields, validations, calculations, macros & VBA
  • Adobe PDF Forms built using Adobe Professional or Adobe Lifecycle Designer and accessible with Adobe Reader
  • Excel Forms built using Excel formulas & functions, macros and VBA
  • Web-based HTML Forms accessible with any web browser
  • Accessible forms built for assistive output devices like screen readers for users with vision or mobility impairment, cognitive or learning disabilities.

We specialize in creating business forms that can be easily integrated with databases. When working on a large batch of forms, we analyze the requirement and create a master list of fields, standardize them and then develop the forms. The forms are then created with appropriate tags/field codes to identify and facilitate import into a structured database. We  have developed applications that can bulk import data from these custom business forms to databases or database formats such Excel, MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, XML, CSV or delimited text files. We also have developed applications where filled forms are generated in bulk in PDF by filling some or all the fields from a database; this is useful for sending custom business forms to individuals with some of the data filled automatically by the system.

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custom business forms

The client had around 10 documents in word, that needed fields to be typed into easily, each time a contract was needed and then locked when they send the business form to their customers so that they can only sign and not change them.

A new start-up business selling specialized sports equipment & fitness training products required custom business forms to be created for booking orders, checklist for packing, shipping and invoicing. We created 12 printable business forms to cater to the specific requirements of the client. All forms were designed to maintain consistency and were designed in PDF format.

The client sent us a word document which he wanted to be converted into PDF fillable form. We not only designed the business form, but also redesigned it for proper functionality with user-friendly features.

We designed a set of business forms in MS Word and HTML for the client. The client used the business form as a template and redeployed it on several websites with minor modifications.

We designed a business license and related business forms for a client using which he could type the information in the computer that can be printed out as well as saved as an electronic copy

We created a professional-looking training registration/plan excel form for a training institute. The excel 2007 form was easy to read and fill in. The users could fill the form online which was then printable for authorized signature. The business form was developed in Microsoft Excel 2007 & Excel 2003.

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