We can create a form in excel 2007 using excel formulas, functions and VBA. We specialize in creating forms in excel 2007 with interactive & user friendly features such text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists, autmatic calculations, database lookups, text manipulations et al. These Microsoft excel 2007 forms can be easily integrated with any database and customized to your specifications.

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Creating Forms in Excel

We create forms in Excel 2002, 2003, 2007, Excel 2010 & Excel 2011 versions. We can customize the excel forms that we are making to your specifications and include corporate color scheme, company logos, tagline and watermarks as needed. Our team thoroughly analyzes the information needed to develop the excel forms and collects all the necessary inputs from you before starting the project. We specialize in creating a form in excel that can be seamlessly integrated with databases.

Our team is proficient in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) the programming language used for Microsoft Excel programming. We have custom-developed from simple to complex user-forms in Excel for our clients across the globe with smart and interactive features to exploit Microsoft Excel's powerful features.

For example a survey form in excel can be programmed to restrict number of characters to be entered in a form field or force date fields to be entered in the specific date format. With other features like check boxes and list boxes, invalid entries can be restricted by providing predefined set of values to select from. See this Microsoft Excel form with user-friendly options | Microsoft Excel 2003 version

Microsoft Excel's calculation features combined with database features can be used to create sophisticated excel forms such as order forms; the user has to only select the item from the drop-down list and enter the quantity to be purchased & the excel form can be programmed to lookup the price from a database that is hidden and automatically calculate the totals for line items as well as taxes & shipping cost and the grand total. The database of products can be edited after unprotecting the form & unhiding the database. See Microsoft Excel form with calculations | Microsoft Excel 2003 version

Here are a few illustrative sample Microsoft Excel forms:

Travel Expense Report
Autofillable Mortgage Excel Form
Auto Expense Travel Report
Auto Expense Travel-Report - Microsoft Excel 2007 version

We design & create forms in excel from scratch as well as take up assignments to review & improve existing excel forms. We also help comply with accessibility norms and make the Excel forms US Sec 508 compliant.

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Creating Forms in Excel

We created a professional-looking training registration/plan excel form for a training institute. The excel 2007 form was easy to read and fill in. The users could fill the form online which was then printable for authorized signature. The business form was developed in Microsoft Excel 2007 & Excel 2003.

We had to make Performance Appraisal excel forms for the HR Manager of a Multimedia company. The basic layout of the form in excel was same for all employees but there was sections with department specific factors for appraisal. Depending on the department selected, the sections will have different questions / checklist and input options.

The Excel form was created for a fitness trainer who gave the application to his clients to track their exercise routines as well as normal physical activity and food intake. The Microsoft Excel sheet had automatic calculations and could be emailed to the client by clicking a button.

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