We specialize in creating forms in word 2007, word 2010 to meet your specifications with features such as text boxes, check boxes, combo boxes, drop-down list, radio buttons & ms word form field validations to restrict unwanted & invalid data entry and to make a form in word 2007 interactive and user-friendly. We can even create a form in word 2007 or word 2010 that can be integrated with databases.

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Creating Forms in Word

We create Microsoft Word forms - MS Word 2002, MS Word 2003, Word 2007 & Word 2010 forms. We customize the MS Word forms to suit your business requirements with your branding (logo & corporate color schemes) and watermark as needed.

Our experienced team of form developers understand your business needs and the information required in making a form in Word; we create the word forms without constantly contacting you for additional information & feedback.

We create protected MS Word forms that are fillable, savable and printable, with features like text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists and combo boxes (where you can type or select from the drop-down). Validations, calculations and help text are also used to make the forms in word more user-friendly. The forms are protected so that user cannot change the content but only fill in the fields.

  • Validate form fields with restricted data entry allowing only valid entries – For example, when you are creating a form in word 2007 for a survey, the form can be programmed to restrict number of characters to be entered in a form field or allow date to be entered in a particular date format only. See User friendly MS Word form with input field options  Word 2003 version
  • By using features like check boxes and list boxes invalid entries can be restricted by providing the user set of predefined values to choose from. A text field with multi line option can also be given for user to enter additional comments.
  • Word Forms can be programmed with calculations to automatically calculate values on clicking a button. For example, in an order form, the user has to enter only quantity or number of items to be purchased, and the word form can be programmed to auto calculate the total price of each line item, subtotal, additional charges like taxes or shipping cost and grand total. See Microsoft Word form with calculations  MS Word 2003 version

Here are some more sample Microsoft Word forms:

Autofillable Client Questionnaire
Sale Agreement Addendum
General Survey Word Form
Autofillable Client Questionnaire
Fillable confidentiality Agreement
Fillable Employment Application
Fillable Candidate Form in Word
Business Support Services Agreement Form
Auto Expense Travel Report
Fillable confidentiality agreement Form
Fillable Employment Application Form
Fillable Candidate Form in Word
Business Support Services Agreement Form
Auto Expense Travel Report

We create forms in Word from scratch as well as modify & improve existing Word forms. We can also help you make the word forms accessible & Sec 508 compliant.

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create forms in word

We designed a set of business forms in MS Word and HTML for the client. The client used the business form as a template and redeployed it on several websites with minor modifications.

The client was basically looking to have customized performance appraisal Microsoft Word 2007 forms for different departments. The existing MS word forms had limitations in input boxes, was not user friendly and not easy to undertstand. So the forms were seldom filled properly. We literally had to create forms that users complete in word 2007 from scratch. We redesigned the word forms, added user-friendly features with tool-tips and help text, used appropriate forms fields to guide & validate the input. We were also building forms in word in English, German and Dutch with the client providing the translated text for the foreign languages.

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